Interesting Adventure To Lighthouse Beach In Lagos

“Because there’s nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline, no matter how many times it’s being sent away.”

Sarah Kay

The Journey

With the weekend set to go in the same way it has always been after COVID19 lockdown; boring, long uneventful and dry, Olalekan reached out to me for a beach visit, which I almost turned down because I was too lazy for that beach energy.

Moreover, the wish to be left alone with my thoughts, and with the stress, the hustle and bustle of the week, and the deadlines that I had gracefully survived. 

He persisted and convinced me that this particular visit is the perfect getaway that I needed. He further instructed me not to forget my sleeping mats, skipping rope, and some of my games with snacks and drinks which I reluctantly packed along.

So, I dressed up but in my head, I was all about guessing which of the beaches in Lagos we might be visiting; Tarkwa Bay, Elegushi Beach, Barracuda beach, Atican Beach. I gave up on finding answers when he told me that our meeting point is Oshodi Terminal 2.

The journey began from Oshodi Terminal, where we booked our ticket to Destination X and waited for a little for some other adventurers joining us before the bus moved. 

By the way, the transportation cost from Oshodi to CMS Jetty was NGN300 as at the time of writing. On getting to the jetty, some fun lovers whose excitement were written all over their face filled the place as they can’t wait to hop on the boat to their various destinations. 

Everyone had bags, some carried coolers, Bluetooth speakers, food boxes and game bags. “I hope we all are not going to the same destination” was all I could ask.

CMS Jetty in Lagos

CMS jetty is one of those jetties in Lagos which provides routes and access to various destinations like Tarkwa Bay Beach, Ilashe Beach, Apapa, Badagry and some other destinations. Just speak with the boat operators, they will let you know which of the boats is going to your destination.

We reached out to one of the boat operators, negotiated on the fare and agreed on a price for a total number of 8 passengers. In no time we embarked on the 30 minutes journey to the place where sanity was well preserved.

While boarding the boat, little did I know that amidst us were those using the boat for the very first time and also amidst us are those who are afraid of water, and so it took us some time to convince them that the boat is safe as long as we followed the due process and obeyed the guidelines. 

If you are using the boat for the very first time, you can find some helpful tips on how to enjoy your first boat ride here.

The journey on the boat remained interesting for some and scary for others, especially when we had to cruise past the waves making the boat to land so hard. 

Just like the turbulence you experience while flying, this isn’t as bad as it seems, you will get used to it. But the screams from the ladies tho. We cruised past Tarkwa Bay which was looking crowded already and for once I was glad we were not heading in that direction.

Lighthouse Beach

A few minutes more, we got to our destination (Lighthouse Beach), the welcoming view alone made me stand in awe- like do we have somewhere like this around here truly? 

We allowed the boat to dock properly before coming off from the speedboat with the help from the assistant of the boat operator, while I ensured nothing left in the speed boat. Always ensure you do that, never forget.

The beauty that beheld me, words cannot do justice to it; the clean waters, the emptiness, the serenity, the tides, the open space and relatively few people on the beach. 

We walked up to the guy in charge, assigned us a shade, also requested for a table and two chairs which all came with a price to it. We negotiated and got a fair deal. As soon as he was through setting up the place for us, he gave us a quick pep talk and guidelines about the beach which I feel might be of interest to you (as a generous guy that I am);

Five (5) things to know before you visit Lighthouse beach in Lagos

  1. Do not allow your adventurous spirit to get to you. The water is as calm as it can be and very deceitful too.
  2. Your swimming skills are not needed, and Lighthouse beach is not the place to learn how to swim.
  3. Always look out for your stuff.
  4. When it’s getting late, the water level rises, and the water goes beyond the shoreline at times.
  5. Do not litter the beach. Always keep it clean

It was a quick talk, and everyone appreciated him for those life-saving tips.

The sun came out in all its glory, we had a changing corner for the bikinis & the shorts gengs, and the water did its magic as we allowed ourselves rewarded by its presence. 

Having the best of the moment, I will encourage you to be in the now, feel the wind whisper into your ears, let the sunshine through you and also notice how the water moves away from your feet as you get your grip into the sands. Feel free to come back and share your experience in the comment section.

To enjoy a beach like Lighthouse beach in all its uniqueness and calmness, here are what you should consider bringing along;

  • Food & Drinks (You are allowed to bring in your stuff)
  • Games
  • Bluetooth Speakers
  • SunGlasses
  • Shorts / Bikinis
  • Books
  • Mats

With aforementioned, you are on the path of experiencing sanity.

Have you visited lighthouse beach, if so, what was your experience like? I would love to hear your story, feel free to share.

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