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Enjoy The Journey!

“A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.”

Just like the tales of a story being told, or the movies being displayed before our eyes, everyone is bent focused on how the story ends, what happened to the main character at the end of the movie, was it an ever happily after ending, did they eventually get together are questions they ask, while they miss the beauty of the story which was hidden in the little details of the story before it got to an end. 

Details like how the beast sacrificed everything for beauty, how jack Bauer lost his family all for saving America, the lies and betrayals all to make sure we stay close to the ones we love – I hope you can relate.

Likewise, just as we are eager to embark on a journey either by flight, by sea or by road. We are not bothered about what happened along the journey but we are all after arriving at our destinations thereby missing out on the fun of the journey. The beauty of the clouds, the feeling you have been on top of the world, the fresh breath of nature, the elegantly arrayed forests along the expressway, the action of the mighty waters against the ship, the process of paddling the canoe.

The awesomeness of life and busy activities at rest points, the always engaging conversation in the bus as we listened to various views of people hampered by environment, culture and social factors. Yet, we have testimonies of people saying road trip or anything involving journies is always boring because they moment they embark on it, they sleep off. Only to be awakened by the horn of destination arrival. 

The truth is – life is always like a journey, the world is the bus and we all are passengers in it. Just as we have a different kind of people entering into a bus with various goals at which they are embarking on such a journey, likewise we have different people in this journey called life. The big long Coaster bus that carries every passenger along to their various destinations. We all know that enjoying the journey or enduring it depends on us. 

We can decide to hop in and all we are after is getting to the destination without affecting or taking note of anything, thereby making it sounds and feel boring along the journey and all we could do is to sleep all through the journey, missing out on all the beauty of it. But for some like me, the journey of life is to be enjoyed and this we achieve by seeing the beauty of life along the way, not missing the beauty it presents to us. We note the stops, the hawking, the delays, the flat tyres, the challenges, the accidents, the wait for a refill, the newfound love, the relationships, the memories, the conversations, the networks, the creativity it brings, the goodbyes at everyone’s bus stops, the routine check along the way, the sight and sounds of nature along the way, the disagreements among us, the battle for respects and recognition. 

All these add sauce to the journey. These make our memories more lively as we have many tales to tell to the children unborn. Everything seems and moves so fast that we just don’t have time to get along with things well and we just give up on them. Now I know why the people of old get to enjoy life in spite of poverty or even absence of sophisticated gadgets, and it is because time happened too slow and they were able to take note of every little thing, making them have stories for even the tiniest details. 

They were able to live well with people and even accommodate strangers, they could cook with any kind of vegetable and make good medicine with herbs. They don’t force their lips to speak words of knowledge and encouragement, they don’t force their mouth to smile showing their bare cavities. 

Their heart filled with great memories gathered along the journey. Their feet could tell of a particular location thereby being in the best position to give counsel cos they’ve been there. They make friends with animals like “Legend of Tarzan” and “The Jungle Book” and so protection is sure. 

Make a decision today, the road might be long for some and very short for others, but it’s never too late to wake up from your road map and get involved in the conversations so as to have memories o share and stories to tell. 

You need to enjoy the journey, there is more to it than alighting at your final bus-stops.

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