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Having A Boring Honeymoon?

I’ve heard so many lamentations from couples who just returned from their honeymoon complaining bitterly about how they almost achieved nothing except for sex and food. While reading a lady’s comment she said, immediately we got settled into our hotel,  we immediately fell into a daily routine. Wake up at 8 am, eat breakfast, go to our private beach for two hours, lie by our private pool for an hour by 2 pm and we were done with the beach and poolside activities. Then go back to our hotel & that’s the end of the day and we keep this routine every day. So many newlyweds do embark on a honeymoon trip with so much anxiety and adrenaline but eventually end up giving such report about their honeymoon. Maybe due to their knowledge or how they’ve been told about how honeymoon plans should go. If you think you need a getaway and you went as far as going into a place so alone and no plans on what to get involved with,  you might experience a boring honeymoon.  

Here are little tips on activities you can engage in to avoid such a boring honeymoon.

Beach Activities: Most honeymoon getaways are always located around the lakeside because of the privacy such areas offer and also an atmosphere of love. Why not take advantage of such a location and have a beach walk and talk. You can seize the opportunity to talk about the future, go for swimming or boat cruise. Engage in activities that bring you both closer to each other as you share, make sandcastles, play chess or Scrabble and barbeque also at your service. The option of a horse ride is also available and karaoke will also be a blessing. You can try this out for a day and you won’t regret it.

Cinema: This option is always available if you feel like having a time out and it is best enjoyed in the evening. You get to enjoy the moments having something to talk about. After which you just go back to your hotel or wherever you lodge. This is only if the cinema is close to the hotel or you had to make it the last stop after a city tour or a visit to a destination. Which brings me to the next activity.

City tour: if you are having your honeymoon in a new town far away from where you live, then a city tour will be another way of having fun, as you get to know about new things and culture making your honeymoon balanced. You have the chance to try out new foods, drinks and also get their homemade stuff like clothes, hats,  shoes and so on. A city tour can be planned by a tour guide or tourism company and ensures you have a nice time sightseeing. It promises to be fun if you are blessed with a top-notch tour guide.

Tourist Attractions: Visiting some nice tourist destinations during your honeymoon isn’t a bad idea as you get to learn more about culture and history. In Lagos,  there are so many places you can visit which include Museum, national theatre,  freedom park, Lekki Conservation Centre,  Badagry Slave Trade and so on, various options are applicable to the various state in Nigeria.

Night Life: Why not let’s have fun till the night ends. It’s a totally different experience. You decide on how you want to spend it.  Just chilling around, or you would like to go party, try out the evening suya or barbecue at the locals, go for ice cream or just have fun shopping and take it all home and do something nice till sleep calls. Just ensure you have a memorable honeymoon and also time to build more bonds between each other.

These are just a few out of numerous activities that burst every boredom out of your honeymoon trip. Are you still having a boring honeymoon, plan B is here. Take time and enjoy every moment because it all belongs to you both.   Still expecting your comments and ideas on more activities to get engaged into. Let’s all save a crashing honeymoon right now.

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