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Lighthouse Beach

Lighthouse Beach

Lighthouse beach is one of the very few beaches in Lagos that offers more experience and more serenity than many other beaches in the state.

This beautiful destination is one of the untapped destinations in the surburbs of Lagos, and its location makes it one of the selling point. It is one of those beaches that can only be assesible by boats and ferries. Moreover, it is the quickest way to tick off one of your bucket list РExperiencing a boat ride and maybe conquering the phobia for water bodies. A perfect getaway from the noise of the city! 

The beach can be accessed via the various jetties  on the Island. For anyone coming from the mainland axis of Lagos State, the nearest and most affordable jetty is the CMS Jetty. The jetty provides access to other destinations like Badagry, Ilashe, Tarkwa Bay, Liverpool, Apapa, and other desination accessed by water. The distance from CMS jetty to Lighthouse beach is approximately 15 minutes, as you get to pass through the Naval base and the Tarkwa Bay beach before getting to the final destination. What an opportunity to enjoy the waves, the cool breeze, and the movement against the tide. Meanwhile, for those on the island, there are various jetties where you can have access to boats or ferries that will transport you down to the beach. Examples are Fikki Jetty, Ikoyi Jetty, Bonny Camp Jetty, Law School Jetty, BICS Garden Boat service and few others.

Arrival at the beach, you will be welcomed with guys who are in charge of the shade, the chairs, the tables, and everyother item you will be needing on the beach, all at a cost.

Things to Know

Lagos, Nigeria.
Things Needed
Food, and drinks, Sunshades and hats, and, Games.
Opening Hours
Currency used
Area (km2)
4,808 m

Explore & Play Safe

One of the many reasons Lighthouse beach is a perfect daycation for beach lovers is the beautiful sight it beholds, as it seems very close to the atlantic ocean itself, with the presence of some shipwrecks adding more flavour to it. Also, the waters is clean and clear without any foul smell unlike some other beaches, this makes it great for a quick dive in. Thirdly, the waves are great for surfing and other water activities. This is the beach we seek for to experience. In addition, there are beach houses available for staycation and they are pretty affodable with many activities and add ons to make your night a bliss. We have the Lighthouse Beach house and Jaybee Beach house open to anyone who will love to spend the night or some nights.

Lighthouse Beach is a pefect location for retreats, hangouts, escape, and sanity. It is a place you will love to visit and explore all over again.