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The Ayomide Travels shares the adrenaline-pumping adventures in Nigeria through the lens of every tourist.

The beauty of tourism lies in learning about the people and the culture of the destination. Let us explore together.

Telling the peculiar experience of each destination. Sharing the beautiful stories around every attraction.

The Ayomide Travels features travel and tourism enthusiast in telling their stories about the destinations visited and explored.

About The Ayomide Travels

The Ayomide is a Quantity Surveyor Graduate, who dropped every chance of becoming a professional the moment travel and tourism smiled at him. Leaving the five-year hustle he decided to embrace the beauties that made his eyes lit up; destinations, attractions, nature, wildlife and art. This discovery saved him from the path of destruction as he embraces new life exploring and discovering more of what his environment offers.
His first experience was a visit to the breath-taking Idanre Hills in Ondo State, Nigeria and he was blown away at the sight of the magnificent hills and the stories around it. This birth a hunger to explore and discover new places with every detail on how to get there, documenting the experience and promoting more of these places.
The Ayomide Travels is created to give correct every myth about tourism and travel in Nigeria and Africa at large as it will be documenting not just experiences but how tourism adds colours to life. As it is being said, “Travel to discover oneself”. I hope every journey you embark on through my lens leads you to your destination.

The Ayomide Travels


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Aerial view of Cape Town with Cape Town Stadium

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